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Last Update: 7/3/10

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  • The family tree index contains a listing of all the people that are on our family web site. Each name is a link to a page that gives more detail about that person. The names are arranged horizontally by generation starting with Howie and Myra as generation "0". Preceding generations are negative numbers  and succeeding generations are positive numbers. Within each generation the name are arranged alphabetically.

  • Several of these pages have pictures. Some of the pictures, you can click on and it and it will open a higher resolution picture in a new window. If that does not work, and you would like a higher resolution copy of them, please send a request to: howie@howieandmyra.com

  • The asterisk (*) indicates that the family web page has be updated with the last 30 days or so. We have also added a date to the web pages indicating the last time the page was updated. This is located near the generation number. If there is no date on the page it means the page has not been updated since 8-16-07

  • We have over 8200 names in our data base, and growing all the time. I have more information than what is listed on these pages. If you would like additional information or have questions, please send a request to: howie@howieandmyra.com. I am happy to share anything that I know.








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Miller, Raymond Howard


Miller, Evelyn Rose

Miller, Adeline Mary (Bayer)


Miller, Benjamin Robert


* Miller, Laura Lea (Verboomen)


Miller, Leanna Robin (Zoglman)


Miller, Timothy Ross


* Miller, Paul Haskins

Miller, Howard Hyer


Miller, Myra Jean (Haskins)

Haskins, Ella Genevieve (Watkins)


Haskins, Robert Leroy


Miller, Eunice Eliza (Hyer)


Miller, Ross Potter

Haskins, Bennie Leroy


Haskins, Minnie (Perkins)


Hyer, Albert Walter


Hyer, Ella (Fraust)


Miller, Ida Eleanor (Potter)


Miller, John L.


Miller. Nellie (Holmeister)


Miller, Nellie (Ferguson)


Watkins, Charles Otis.


Watkins, Mabel (Haynes)

 Fraust, Agnes (Masseuger)


Fraust, Fredrick Henry


Haskins, Anna Kate (Patrick)


Haskins, Gideon Welles


Haynes, Alfred Clark


Hyer Louisa M. (Beitz)


Hyer, Walter S.


King, Elias Dana


King, Ella May (Brooks - Haynes)


Miller, Louis L.


Miller, Magdalena (Geisler)


 Perkins, Frank


Perkins, Myra Alice (Cook)


Potter, Bertram Jerome


Potter, Emma Jane (Grant)


Watkins, Albert Eli


Watkins, Mary Elizabeth (Camp)

Beitz, Carl


Beitz, Caroline (Stuebbe)


Camp, James


Camp, Mary Ann (Crook)


Camp, Nathaniel


Grant Jr., John


 Grant, Mary (Ward)


Haskins, Leonard


Haskins, Louisa E. (Grace)


Hyer, Anna (Dickson)


Hyer, David R.


Hyer, Eliza or Elizabeth( Hyer )


Hyer, Maria (Campbell)


Hyer. Sarah (Hawkins)


* Miller, Elizabeth Catherine (Kline)


* Miller, Martin


Patrick, Andrew


Patrick, Helen Eliza (Jones)


Potter, Amanda Rhoda (Truesdell)


Potter, Jerome Bertram


Watkins, Louisa (Ayer)


Watkins, Otis

Ayer, Abigail (Proctor)


Ayer, Moses


Camp, Elizabeth (Jones)


Camp, John


Crook, John


 Crook, Mary (Oldham)


Grant Sr., John


Grant, Mary (Wallcraft)


Haskins, James


Haskins, Lucy (Hart)


Haskins, Mary (Grace)


Haskins, Sally (_)


Hyer, David R.


Hyer, Eliza (Meltimore)


Hyer, Frederick


Hyer, Sally (Smith)


Muller, Chretien


Muller, Marie Elizabeth (Schuster)


Potter, Benjamin


Potter, Polly (Cleveland)


Truesdell, Cyrus


Truesdell, Maranda (Platt)


Ward, Fanny (Lafferty)


Ward, William Richard


Watkins, Eli


Watkins, Huldah (Stine or Stone)


Ayer, Polly (Runnels)


Ayer, William


Camp, Elizabeth (Smith)


Camp, Robert


Hyer, Abigail (Rowe)


Hyer, Elisabeth (Rusce)


Hyer, Walter


Jones, Andrew


Jones, Mary (Slough)


Oldham, Hannah (Wright)


Oldham, Peter


Platt, Polly (Bonner)


Platt, Richard


Truesdell, Ransom


Truesdell, Sarah Bliss (George)



Watkins, Elias


Watkins, Rebecca (Larrabee)

Ayer, Mary (Webster)


Ayer, Simon


Camp David


Hyer, Tabita (Simson)


Hyer, Willem


Jones,Christiana (Folk)


Jones, James


Oldham, Betty (Booth)


Oldham, Richard


Platt, John


Platt, Mary (Blydenburg)


Slough, Anna Catherine (Gee)


Slough, George


Truesdell, Rhoda (Curtis)


Truesdell, Ruth (Butler)


Truesdell Jr., Thomas


Watkins, Benjamin Sr.


Watkins, Mary (Bignald)


Watkins, Mary (Clemmons)

Ayer, Elizabeth (Tuttle)


Ayer, Samuel


Folk, Johannes


Folk, Mary (Spykkerman)


Hyer, Gerrit


Hyer, Saertje (Bosch)


Jones, Bridget (Mathews)


Jones, Evan


Jones, Mary (Stevenson)


Platt Phebe (Rogers)


Platt, Phillip


Truesdell, Judith (Leavens)


Truesdell, Thomas


Watkins. Andrew Jr.


Watkins, Mary (Streeter)

Ayer, Hannah (Allen)


Ayer, Peter


Hyer, Tyntje (Bicker)


Hyer, Walter


Jones, Edward


Jones, Mary (Wynne)


Platt, John


Rogers, Obadiah


Rogers, Phebe (Griffin)


Stevenson, John


Stevenson, Mercy (Jenings)


Streeter, Mary (Horne)


Streeter. Samuel


Truesdell, Ebenezer


Truesdell, Rachel (Davis)


Watkins, Andrew Sr.


Watkins, Elizabeth (Griffin)

Ayer, Hannah (Evered)


Ayer, John


Bicker, Aeltie (Lubberts)


Bicker, Gerrit


Griffin, Elizabeth (Platt)


Griffin, Samuel


Hyer, Dorothy (Higgs)


Hyer, Walter


Platt, Elizabeth (Wood)


Platt, Isaac


Streeter, Stephen Jr.


Streeter, Ursula (Adams)


Truesdell, Mary (Jackson)


Truesdell, Samuel


Wynne, Martha (Buttall)


Wynne, Thomas

Adams, Edith (Squire)


Adams, Henry Sr.


Eyre, Elizabeth (Rogers)


Eyre, Thomas


Platt, Mary (Sell)


Platt, Richard


Streeter, Katherine (Barnes)


Streeter, Stephen Sr.


Truesdell, Rebecca Lea


Truesdell Jr., William



Platt, George


Platt, Mary (Sell)


Streeter, John Jr.


Streeter, Margery (___)


Squire, Henry


Squire, Charlotte (Mackrell)


Truesdell, Alyce (Frybusse)


Truesdell, William


Platt, Elizabeth (__)


Platt, Simon


Streeter, Stephen


Squire, Margaret (Mar)


Squire, Rev. William Sr.


Truesdell, Elizabeth (Granby)


Truesdell, Isabelle (Warde)


Truesdell, John


Truesdell, Margett (Crewland)

Streeter. John


Truesdale, Margaretta (__)


Truesdale, Thomas

Trowsdale, Alice (Sculpholme)


Trowsdale, John  Jr.

Trowsdale, Alice or Mararet (Barde)


Trowsdale, John



Index of  some of our more famous relatives.

The links links below will open a pdf file that will show the relationship to these people.