Family Tree: Richard and Betty Oldham

Generation  - 7

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Richard's Parents

Hannah's Parents



Thomas Booth


B: ________ D: ________ B: ________  D: ________

B: ________   D: ________

B: _______   D: ________

Married: ________

Married: ________


Richard Oldham

B: abt 1732 (__________)

D: 2/23/1807 (Great Bolton, Lancashire, England)

Betty Booth

B: abt 1735 (Hardwood, Bolton. Lancashire, England)

D: 12/28/1825 (Great Bolton, Lancashire, England)

Married 9/28/1760

Parish Church of St Peter, Bolton, Lancashire, England




Peter Oldham

B: abt 1768  D: ________

There may have been other children