Family Tree: John & Mary Grant

(4-2-09)    Generation - 4

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John's Parents

Mary's Parents

John Grant Sr.

Mary Wallcraft

William Richard Ward

Fanny Lafferty

B: 3/16/1809   D: 9/11/1894 B: ____1805   D: 6/26/1870

B: abt 1824  D: abt 1901

B: abt 1823  D:


Married:: abt 1843


John Grant Jr.

B: 3/3/1841 (Stratford-on-Avon, England)

D: 6/10/1912  (Juneau Co. WI)

Mary Ward

B: 10/7/1849 (Cattaraugus Co. NY)

D: 4/12/1897 (Juneau Co. WI)

Married: 1/20/1866

Summit Township, Juneau Co. WI



  • On Oct 24, 1842 John emigrated to New York City, NY. Arriving from England on the ship "Virginian".

  • John's family initially settled in New York. In 1850 they relocated to Lake Mills, WI. In 1851 they relocated to Millard's Prairie, near Union Center WI.

  • Mary's family moved from NY to Summit Township, Juneau Co. WI about 1855

  • John served in the Civil War. He was part of Company A of the 7th Wisconsin Infantry from Lodi Wisconsin. This unit was part of the "Iron Brigade". He was shot at the battle of South Mountain on September 14,1862 and was hospitalized until April 2,1863. During this time his foot was amputated.

  • 1880 census John and Mary living in Summit, Juneau Co. WI: two children at home Emma J.(12) and Mary E. (5)

  • John and Mary are buried in Pine Eden Cemetery, Wonewoc, WI

      7th Wisconsin Infantry

The companies for the Seventh Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry were recruited in Lodi, Fall River, Platteville, Stoughton, Montello, Lancaster, Grand Rapids, Fennimore, Beloit, and Dodge County. They were ordered into and organized at Camp Randall, in Madison, WI, during the last week in August, 1861. The companies were then mustered into the service of the United States by the U.S. Army officers not long after they arrived in camp, on the 16th of September, 1861. Captain McIntyre and Major Brooks were the mustering officers at Madison, and Captain J.M. Trowbridge at Milwaukee. The regiment left the state of Wisconsin on the 21st, and reached Washington, D.C. on October 1, 1861. There it joined Brig. General Rufus Kingís command, becoming part of the same brigade to which the Second and Sixth Wisconsin had heretofore been assigned (and later the 19th Indiana).  They continued in the same brigade, division, and corps until the surrender of the Confederates under General Lee to the Union Army commanded by General Grant, April 19, 1865 at Appamattox Court House in Virginia.


The Brigade saw itís first serious action on August 28, 1862 at Brawnerís Farm, Groveton, VA, where along with Battery B, 4th US Artillery, it destroyed a third of the attacking Stonewall Brigade lead by the famous Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson. Groveton was costly for the Brigade as well, resulting in 751 casualties for the mid-westerners.


It was a few weeks later on September 14, 1862, in the battle of Turnerís Gap at South Mountain, that the Brigade proved itself. As the unit advanced up Turnerís Gap, to the dug-in positions of the confederate soldiers, they took heavy fire. By nightfall the advance had been nearly ground to a halt. With fierce fighting the entire day, it was said that the rifles of the 6th Wisconsin regiment were too hot to load. For the 7th Wisconsin, which was located in front of the stone wall, held by the defending Confederates, the fighting was so fierce for the whole day that they were almost out of ammunition. The Confederates thinking that the 7th was retreating because of the slow-down in fire, began to advance. Far from retreating, the 7th Wisconsin charged the advancing confederates with fixed bayonets. Only at close range did the 7th unleash their last few rounds of ammunition, breaking the Confederate line and forcing their retreat. Despite the 318 casualties of this battle the courage and valor displayed by the men caused General McClellen to give this Brigade the nickname "Iron Brigade". It was in this battle that John Grant Jr. was wounded and later had his leg amputated.

1 F Emma Jane Grant
Birth: Nov 18, 1867
Death: Mar 7, 1946 Mauston, Juneau Co. WI
Burial: Mauston, Juneau Co. WI
Spouse: Bertram Jerome Potter (1865-1901)
Marriage: Mar 23, 1887 Elroy, WI


2 F Julia Grant
Birth: Jun 1869
Death: Oct 1869


3 F Nellie G. Grant
Birth: Dec 24, 1874
Death: Jun 20, 1929 Wisconsin General Hospital, Madison, WI
Burial: Pine Eden Cemetery, Wonewoc, WI
Spouse: Henry Lange (1872-1935)
Marriage: Nov 8, 1896