Family Tree: Charles & Mabel Watkins

(3-28-09) Generation  -2

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Charles's Parents

Mabel's Parents

Albert Eli Watkins

Mary Elizabeth Camp

Alfred Clark Haynes

Ella May Brooks

B: 9/17/1849   D: 2/26/1932 B: 12/1/1859 D: 1/14/1934

B: 4/8/1848   D: 1/3/1885

B: 8/5/1852   D: 9/6/1932

Married: 4/13/1878

Married: 3/19/1877


Charles Otis Watkins

Mabel Annette Haynes

B: 11/19/1880 (Sauk Co. WI)

D: 12/20/1969 (Baraboo, WI)

B: 4/10/1881 (Sumpter Twp, Sauk Co. WI)

D: 12/6/1958 ( Baraboo, WI)

Married Aug 13, 1906

Sumpter Twp, Sauk Co. WI



  • Charles was a life long resident of Baraboo, Wisconsin, and a weaver for the Island Woolen Mills.

  • Mabel wrote poetry all of her life:

  • Charles and Mabel are buried in Sauk Prairie Cemetery, Sauk Co. WI, also known as Yankee Street Cemetery.

"The End of the Road" by Mabel Watkins (July 24, 1958)


We enjoy dreaming of the past,

and time is traveling, oh so fast,

We realize we are nearing at last ,

"The End of the Road"


Although many friends we have won,

There is so much work left undone.

Laurels we had hoped to win but we have come

To "The End of the Road"


We have lived our allotted years,

and there will be no pain or fears,

and God will wipe away all tears,

At "The End of the Road"


So thankful we made the first start,

and God created in us a new heart,

And we have tried to do our part,

Ere we reach "The End of the Road"


We are joint heirs to a "New Home"

With Christ sitting upon the throne,

and on His "New Earth" we shall roam,

At "The End of the Road"


Re-united - what a grand jubilee,

And, oh what glory that will be

When the fact of our God we shall see

At "The End of the Road"



Charles O. Watkins

Lester D. Watkins


L-R: Gennie, Charles, Leora, Lester, Alta, Viola, Mabel, Charles

1 F Viola May Watkins
Birth: Nov 15, 1908 Baraboo WI
Death: 1999
Burial: Butterfield Cemetery, Sauk county, WI
Spouse: Lloyd Bass Capener (1907-1985)
Marriage: Oct 27, 1927 Baraboo, WI

2 F Alta Elizabeth Watkins
Birth: Apr 2, 1910 Baraboo, WI
Death: Jul 20, 2004
Burial: Sect. S Row 1 Walnut Hill Cemetery Baraboo, WI
Spouse: Raymond Waddell (1909-1971)
Marriage: Oct 27, 1928 Baraboo, WI
Divorce: 1949
Spouse: John E. Anderson ( - )
Marriage: Jan 31
Spouse: Maynard Snyder (1920-2002)

3 M Lester Dana Watkins
Birth: May 28, 1912 Sumpter Township, Sauk County, WI
Death: Jun 11, 1993 Little Rock, AR
Burial: Jun 14, 1993 Pinecrest Memorial Park, AR
Military: WWII Staff Sergeant; Pacific Theater
Spouse: LaVeta May Haskins (1913-2007)
Marriage: Jun 24, 1933 Baraboo, WI

4 F Leora Alberta Watkins
Birth: Feb 5, 1914 Sumpter Township, Sauk County, WI
Death: Apr 21, 1994 Mesa, AZ
Spouse: Clair Henry Chandler (1908-1988)
Marriage: Jan 22, 1931 Baraboo, WI

5 M Charles Watkins
Birth: Mar 4, 1917 Sumpter Township, Sauk County, WI
Death: Aug 9, 1992 Stroke; Aurora, IL
Burial: Batavia, IL
Spouse: Arleen Marie Parks (1916-1973)
Marriage: Jul 11, 1943 Norfolk, VA
Spouse: Geraldine Nowicki (1914-1986)

6 F Ella Genevieve (Gennie) Watkins
Birth: Dec 5, 1918
Death: Aug 2, 2000 Appleton WI
Burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery Baraboo, WI
Spouse: Robert Leroy Haskins (1910-1993)
Marriage: May 12, 1934 Church of God West Baraboo, WI
Divorce: Mar 1979 Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI