Family Tree: William & Polly Ayer

Generation  - 6

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William's Parents

Polly's Parents

Simon Ayer

Mary Webster



B: 12/26/1709   D: 1/1/1774

B: 8/3/1713  D: 1/24/1782

B: _______   D: _______

B: _______  D: _______

Married: 12/20/1733

Married: ________


William Ayer

Polly Runnels

B: 10/28/1753 (Haverhill, Essex Co. MA)

D: 6/5/1827 (Newbury, NH)

B: 7/__/1758(Haverhill, Essex Co. MA)

D: 4/22/1842 (Newbury, NH)

Married 6/9/1778




  • William served in the Revolutionary War. He was in the Battles at Princeton and Valley Forge, and endured great suffering. He was one of Gen. George Washington's body-guard. He was also part of Capt. William Burbeck's Co., Col. John Hancock's Regt. and served at Castle and Governor's Island.


Betsey Ayer

B: 11/17/1783   D: 8/21/1867

James Ayer

B: 5/12/1788  D: 3/29/1863

Moses Ayer

B:  2/8/1790  D: 7/13/1884

Sarah Ayer

B: 11/25/1791  D: _______

Clarissa Ayer

B:5/30/1793  D:8/11/1851

Benjamin Ayer

B:1/15/1795  D: ________

Nancy Ayer
B:7/30/1798  D: 11/10/1868
Samuel Ayer
B:5/15/1800  D: _____1803