Family Tree: Stephen & Ursula Streeter

Generation  - 10

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Stephen's Parents

Ursula's Parents

Stephen Streeter Sr.

Katherine Barnes

Henry Adams Sr.

Edith Squire

B: ____1557  D: ____1616 B: ____1565  D: ____1608

B: 1/21/1582-83   D: 10/__1646

B: 5/__/1587   D: 1/21/1672-73

Married: 2/11/1582-83

Married: 10/19/1609


Stephen Streeter Jr.

B: 1/9/1599-1600 (Goudhurst, England)

D: 5/31/1694 (Charlestown, Middlesex Co., MA)

Ursula Adams

B: 7/19/1619 (Barton, St David, Somerset, England)

D: 2/20/1678/79 (Charleston, Middlesex Co. MA)

Married: 10/5/1640

(Glouocester, Essex, MA)



  • A large number of members of this family and the Adams family are baptized in Feb. 1638/39. Is it possible that they were all baptized in anticipation of a trip to the New World (?) Stephen III is reported to have been born in Gloucester, MA in 1641.


Steven Streeter III
B: 12/9/1641  D: 2/19/1688-89
Sarah Streeter
B: 4/2/1643  D: 11/30/1703

Hannah Streeter

B: 11/10/1644  D: ________

Samuel Streeter
B: 6/16/1647  D: 5/31/1694
Rebecca Streeter
B: 12/24/1648  D: ________
John Streeter
B: 9/21/1651  D: _________
Mary Streeter
B: 12/27/1652  D: 2/9/1725-26