Family Tree: Walter & Louisa Hyer

(4-25-09)    Generation -3

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Walter's Parents

Louisa's Parents

David R. Hyer

(Eliza) Elizabeth Hyer

Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Beitz

Caroline Sophie Stuebbe

B: 7/12/1812   D: 1/22/1897 B: 2/1/1822   D: 2/13/1912

B: 9/16/1835    D: 8/9/1909

B: 10/25/1825   D: 8/17/1893


Married: 6/9/1855


Walter Smith Hyer

B: 12/28/1857 (Madison, Dane Co, WI)

D: 2/9/1904 (Sumpter, Sauk Co. WI)

Marie Louisa Auguste Beitz


B: 11/4/1866 (Jagow, Pommern, Germany)

D: 1950 (Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI)


Married: 1/26/1882

Springfield Township, Dane County, WI



  • Walter was raised in Springfield Township, Dane Co. WI, where his father operated a Hotel.

  • Walter and Lizzie moved to Sumpter Township, Sauck Co WI in the fall of 1891.

  • Walter's Farm was on Kings Corner Road about 1/4 mile south of the Kings Corner School in Sumpter Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin. He moved there from Springfield, Wisconsin.

  • Walter is buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Sumpter Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin. My mother always referred to this as Pine Hollow Cemetery. It also goes by the name of Kern's Corner Cemetery. It is inside the perimeter of the Badger Ordinance Plant, and is not open to the public.

  • Louisa is buried in Sect E, Walnut Hill Cemetery in Baraboo, Sauk County, Wisconsin, with her daughter Esther Hyer.


1 M David C. Hyer
Birth: May 28, 1884
Death: May 19, 1885
Burial: Kingsley Cemetery, Waunakee, Dane County, WI
2 M Albert Walter (Bert) Hyer
Birth: Jan 13, 1889 Springfield Township, Dane County, WI
Death: Mar 28, 1980 Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI
Burial: Sect. N Walnut Hill Cemetery Baraboo, WI
Spouse: Ella Emily Fraust (1888-1969)
Marriage: Jun 26, 1912 Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI
3 F Hattie L. Hyer
Birth: Sep 28, 1891 Springfield Township, Dane County, WI
Death: 1965
Burial: Sect P Walnut Hill Cemetery Baraboo, WI
Spouse: Fred L Schubring (1886-1985)
Marriage: Jan 11, 1911
4 F Edna Hyer
Birth: Mar 18, 1893
Death: 1960
Burial: West Sect Sauk Prairie Cemetery, Sauk County, WI
Spouse: Elvin D. Young (1887-1949)
Marriage: bef 1918
5 M Roy Hyer
Birth: Jun 22, 1896
Death: Sep 1, 1975
Spouse: Sofia Bertine Vedum (1895-1967)
Marriage: Oct 16, 1920 Plymouth Township
6 F Ester Hyer
Birth: Mar 16, 1902
Death: Jun 1984
Burial: Sect. E, Walnut Hill Cemetery Baraboo, WI