Family Tree: Ross & Eunice Miller

(4-4-09)   Generation -1

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Ross's Parents

Eunice's Parents

John L. Miller

Ida Eleanor Potter

Albert Walter Hyer

Ella Fraust

B: 9/22/1889    D: 11/12/1954 B: 1/11/1891   D: 4/27/1936

B: 1/13/1889   D: 3/28/1980

B: ?/?/????   D: 8/??/1969

Married: 2/12/1918

Married 6/26/1912

  Marcella's Parents
  Charles B. Hubb Etta Marie Lisk
  B: abt. 1906  D: B: abt. 1911  D:


Married: 9/??/1933


Ross Potter Miller

Eunice Eliza Hyer

Ross & Eunice

B: 11/29/1919 (Woodland Twp, Sauk Co. WI)

D: 2/10/1991 (Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI)

B: 2/6/1917 (Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI)

D: 3/7/1984 (Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI)

Married: 4/9/1944 (Easter Sunday)

First Methodist Church, Baraboo, Wisconsin


Marcella Marie (Teasdale) Hubb


B: 3/??/1934


Married: 5/12/1985

Emanuel United Methodist Church, Baraboo, Wisconsin


Children Ross & Eunice:

  • Ross graduated from Hillsboro High School in 1937.

  • Eunice graduated from Prairie du Sac High School in 1934.

  • Eunice's birth certificate has the name shown above. Her baptismal certificate has the the name "Eunice Eliza Dorothia Hyer"

  • Ross served in the U.S. Navy during WW II on minesweepers USS, YMS 245, and USS, YMS 462.

  • From about 1947 to 1977 Ross and Eunice had a farm located on U.S. Highway 12, 4 miles south of Baraboo, Wisconsin. In 1977 they stopped farming and moved to a home in Fairfield Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin.

  • Ross was a carpenter and worked on many construction projects in Madison, Baraboo, and the surrounding area. He also worked at Ohio Medical Products in Madison for a number of years.

  • Ross and Eunice are buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery in Baraboo, Sauk County, Wisconsin, along with their two infant children.



L-R: Mark, Ross, Eunice, Howard

1 M Infant Son Miller
Birth: Jan 1945
Death: (Stillborn)
Burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery in Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI

2 F Rosalyn Ida Miller
Birth: Jul 23, 1947
Death: Jul 23, 1947
Burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery in Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI

3 M Mark Ross Miller
Birth: Jul 25, 1949 Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI
Spouse: Lynette Francis Haskins (1950- )
Marriage: Jun 2, 1973 Emanuel United Methodist Church, Baraboo WI

4 M Howard Hyer Miller
Birth: Nov 15, 1952
Spouse: Myra Jean Haskins (1954- )
Marriage: Apr 12, 1975 Emanuel United Methodist Church, Baraboo WI