Family Tree: Henry & Charlotte Squire

Generation  - 12

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Henry's Parents

Charlotte's Parents

Rev. William Squire Sr.

Margaret Mar


B: _____1520  D: ____1567 B: ____1533  D: 1565-1627

B: ________   D: _______

B: ________  D: ________

Married: 10/25/1556

Married: _________


Henry Squire

B: ____1563 (Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, England)

D: 12/25/1649 (King High Weston, Somerset, England)

Charlotte Mackrell

B: ____1565 (Charlton, Mackrell, Somerset, England)

D: bef 1600 (Charlton, Mackrell, Somerset, England)

Married: ____1586

(Charlton, Mackrell, Somerset, England)



  • Charlotte-Mackrell is an old parish in Somerset, England - included four small villages - Charlton Adams, Charlton Mackrell, Lytes Cary and Cary Fitzpaine. The manor was held by the Lyte family for over 500 years from the 13th to the 18th centuries.

  1. Lineage to Millard Fillmore 13th President of the United States.

    Ann Squire, m Aquila Purchase

    Abigail Purchase, m Sampson Shore

    Jonathan Shore, m Priscilla Hathorn

    Phoebe Shore, m Nehemiah Millard

    Robert Millard, m Hannah Eddy

    Abiathar Millard, m Tabitha Hopkins

    Phoebe Millard, m Nathanial Fillmore, Jr

    Millard Fillmore, m Abigail Powers

        (President Fillmore and Myra Miller are 7th cousins - 4 times removed)


  2. Lineage to William Howard Taft 27th President of the United States.

    Margaret Squire, m John Shepard

    Hannah Shepard, m Thomas Holbrook

    John Holbrook, m Silence Wood

    John Holbrook Jr., m Ruth Hill

    Silence Holbrook, m Samuel Goodale

    Sarah Goodale, m Asa Waters

    Asa Waters Jr., m Susan Trask

    Susan Holman Waters, m Samuel Torrey

    Louisa Maria Torrey, m Alphonso Taft

    William Howard Taft, m Helen Herron

         (President Taft and Myra Miller are 9th cousins - twice removed)

Edith Squire
B: 5/__/1587  D: 1/21/1672-73
Sarah Squire
B: 4/6/1586  D: ________

Ann Squire

B: 11/__/1591  D: 12/20/1662

Margaret Squire
B: 4/25/1596  D: ________
Francis Squire
B: 1/__1598-99  D: Young