Family Tree: Leonard & Louisa Haskins

Generation  -4

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Leonard's Parents

Louisa's Parents

James Haskins

Lucy Hart


Mary _______

B:_____1784   D: ____1850

B: _____1791  D: ____1841

B: ________  D: ________

B: ________  D: ________

Married: ________

Married _________


Leonard Haskins

Louisa E. Grace

B:3/16/1825 (Huntington, VT)

D: 7/21/1862 (Chalmette, LA)

B: 2/22/1829 (Fairfield, MA)

D: 6/11/1880 (___________)

Married: 4/28/1844

(Starksboro, Addison, VT)



  • Leonard was the Postmaster of South Starksboro, VT

  • Leonard was a Private in Company "C", 8th Vermont Volunteer Infantry Regiment. He enlisted on November 23, 1861 and died of disease on July 21, 1862.

  • Leonard is buried in Chalmette National Cemetery, Chalmette LA.

The following is a portion of a letter written to: Rev. J. T. Hobson (1-17-1909).

...then Mr. Lincoln wrote again saying that he would be pleased to name us, Father wrote and told him that he would be pleased to have him name us. He said the first should be named Abraham Lincoln, second Gideon Welles, and the third Simon Cameron. We were born in Starksboro, Addison county Vermont. My mother's name, before she was married, was Louisa E. Grace, and is there ever was a Christian she was the very best one....I feel proud of my name, and try hard to honor it in every respect.

Yours with respect,

Abraham Lincoln Haskins




Ella Haskins

B: 7/15/1845  D: ________

Silvanus Haskins

B: 3/4/1849  D: 8/26/1865

William Riley Haskins

B: 2/22/1851  D: ________

Harvey Newell Haskins

B: 7/6/1852  D: 6/26/1914


Abraham Lincoln Haskins

B:5/24/1861    D: 11/1/1924

Gideon Welles Haskins

B:5/24/1861    D: 2/24/1919

Simon Cameron Haskins

B:5/24/1861    D: 3/15/1938