Family Tree: Samuel & Mary Streeter

Generation  - 9

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Samuel's Parents

Mary's Parents

Stephen Streeter Jr.

Ursula Adams


B: 1/9/1599/00  D: 2/__1640 B: 7/19/1619  D: 2/20/1678/79

B: ________   D: ________

B: ________   D: ________

Married: 10/5/1640

Married: ________


Samuel Streeter

B: 6/16/1647 (Charleston, Suffolk, MA)

D: 5/31/1694 (Cambridge, Middlesex, MA)

Mary Horne

B: ____1645 (Salem, Essex, MA)

D: aft 1675 (________)

Married: 1/21/1665/66

(Charleston, Middlesex Co. MA)



  • "The surname Horne is also spelled Horn, Orne, and LaHorne in early records. John Horne was an early settler at Salem, MA, a proprietor of the town; on the court commission as early as 1638; deacon of the Salem church." p. 1245 "Genealogical and Personal Matters Relating to the Families of Boston and Eastern Massachusetts." William Richard Cutter The John Horne mentioned by Cutter did have a daughter "Mary" who is estimated to have been born about 1655 and marries a "Smith." ?


Judah Streeter
B: ____1666  D: ________
John Streeter
B: ____1667  D: ___1667

Eleazer Streeter

B: ____1668  D: ________

John Streeter
B: ____1671  D: ________
Mary Streeter
B: 1675-1680  D: aft 1721