Family Tree: Alfred & Ella Haynes

(10-05-08) Generation  -3

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Alfred's Parents

Ella's Parents

Ross Coon Haynes

Hannah Danforth

William Walter Brooks

Sarah Weeks

B: 2/19/1811  D: 8/26/1870 B: 11/11/1815  D: 1/19/1852

B: _________   D: _______

B: 11/1/1810  D: 5/26/1890

Married: _________

Married: 11/17/1839

Elias's Parents  
Solomon King Ursula Sartwell Buck  
B: 12/26/1817  D: 12/6/1869 B: 2/25/1819   D: 2/13/1893  

Married: __________


L-R: Ella, Elias, Mabel, Fred Zantow, Myrtie


L-R: Mabel, Myrtie

Alfred Clark Haynes

Ella May Brooks

B: Apr 8, 1848 (Pittsburg NH)

D: Jan 3, 1885 (Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI)

B: Aug 5, 1852 (Canaan, VT)

D: Sept 6, 1932 (Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI)

Married Mar 19, 1877

(Sauk Co. WI)

Elias Dana King


B:______1851 (Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI)

D: Apr 24, 1922 (Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI)


Married: Oct 12, 1893

(Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI)



Children of Alfred & Ella:


1 M Raymond Earl Haynes
Birth: 1878
Death: Sep 9, 1880 Sumpter Township, Sauk County, WI
Burial: Sauk Prairie Cemetery, Sauk County, WI

2 F Myrtie Eliza Haynes
Birth: Dec 2, 1879 Prairie du Sac, Sauk Co. WI
Death: Nov 29, 1961
Burial: Sumpter Hill Cemetery, Sauk County, WI
Spouse: Fred W. Zantow ( 1879-1934)
Marriage: May 14, 1903

3 F Mabel Annette Haynes
Birth: Apr 10, 1881 Sumpter Township, Sauk County, WI
Death: Dec 6, 1958
Burial: Sauk Prairie Cemetery, Sauk County, WI
Spouse: Charles Otis Watkins (1880-1969)
Marriage: Aug 13, 1906 Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI

  • Ella's family moved from Vermont, to Prairie du Sac Wisconsin in 1856 when she was four years old.

  • Alfred was a farmer in Sumpter Township, Sauk County, WI

  • Ella taught school in the towns of Freedom, Sumpter, and Prairie du Sac, all in Sauk County Wisconsin

  • Raymond died from a melon seed in his lung, he choked.

  • Alfred, Ella, Elias, Ross, and Raymond are buried in Yankee Street Cemetery, now known as Sauk Prairie Cemetery, Sauk County, WI

  • "Haynes" or "Haines" are two different ways the surname has been spelled.


Ella May King

Elias D. King



Myrtie Haynes & Fred Zantow