Family Tree: Rev. William & Margaret Squire

Generation  - 13

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Williams's Parents

Margaret's Parents




B: ________  D: ________ B: ________  D: ________

B: ________   D: _______

B: ________  D: ________

Married: ________

Married: _________


Rev. William Squire Sr.

B: ____1520 (Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, England)

D: ____1567 (Charlton Mackrell, Somerset, England)

Margaret Mar

B: ____1533 (Charlton, Mackrell, Somerset, England)

D: 1565-1627 (________)

Married: 10/25/1556

(Charlton, Mackrell, Somerset, England)



  • "When Mary came to the throne there were drastic changes in the administration of the church. She insisted there should be a return to a celibate priesthood, and in consequence in the diocese of Bath and Wells 92 clergy, including the dean were deprived, and many others resigned their benefices. Among those deprived was the Rev. William Squire, rector of Charlton Mackrell, who had married three years before. In some other dioceses the penalty for this offence, failing repentance and the putting away of the wife, was death at the stake, a fate which befell the chancellor of Wells, then a priest in London. Squire was found, however, to be still serving at Charlton Mackrell in 1654, so that presumably he had been allowed to return to the living when Elizabeth became queen."


William Squire Jr.
B: ____1551  D: _______
Andrew Squire
B: ____1555  D: ________

Francis Squire

B: ____1559  D: ________

Henry Squire
B: ____1563  D: 12/25/1649
Ann Squire
B: ____1563  D: ________