Family Tree: Henry & Edith Adams

Generation  - 11

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Henry's Parents

Edith's Parents

John Adams Sr.

Agnes Stone

Henry Squire

Charlotte Mackrell

B: 1/1/1554-55  D: 3/19/1603-04 B: 1/1/1555-56  D: 1/15/1614-15

B: ____1563   D: 12/25/1649

B: ____1565   D: bef 1600

Married: 2/1/1574-75

Married: ____1586


Henry Adams Sr.

B: 1/21/1582-83 (Barton, St David, Somerset, England)

D: 10/__1646 (Braintree, Norfolk Co., MA)

Edith Squire

B: 5/__/1587 (Charlton, Mackrell, Somerset, England)

D: 1/21/1672-73 (Medfield, Norfolk Co. MA)

Married: 10/19/1609

(Charlton, Mackrell, Somerset, England)



  • "Charlton Mackrell played an important part in pioneer migration to the New England States, especially over the period 1638 to 1650. This movement was inspired by certain religious principles, and a leading spirit in the West Country was the Rev. John White, of Dorchester, Dorset, who is said to have been responsible for over 20,000 emigrants to America.

    One of the most important of them was Henry Adams, who in 1613 was a tenant holding 47 acres of glebe land in Charlton Mackrell. Adams was a man of some education, and in 1638, when he was 55 years of age, he, with is family, crossed the Atlantic in a small boat, and thereby established the illustrious family of Adams in the United States...Henry Adams married Edith Squire in Charlton Mackrell church, and her sister
    Anne married Aquilla Purchase, an ex-Dorchester schoolmaster, a parishioner and fervent supporter of the Rev. John White. Aquila's brother was an early settler in BRUNSWICK, ME."
    FROM www.southsomerset,gov.uk/towns/charlton_mackrell.htm#History

    "There is every reason to believe that he came over here in the commercial company known as the "Dorchester Adventurers" because, and ONLY because, the brother-in-law of his wife, Edith Squire, was financially interested in this enterprise. "Whatever the compelling influence behind Henry Adam's emigration, it remains a fact that in 1638, accompanied by his wife and all his children (except son Jonathan) - who came over a dozen years later he achieved the three-thousand mile trip across the raging sea, and was soon granted a lot of forty acres at Mount Wollaston, Braintree (now Quincy) for a family of ten heads, conditional on the payment of a charge of three shillings per acre." p. 4, "Famous Families of Massachusetts"
    by Mary Caroline Crawford

  1. Lineage to John Adams 2nd President and John Quincy Adams 6th President of the United States.

    Joseph Adams, m Abigail Baxter

    Joseph Adams Jr., m Hannah Bass

    John Adams m Susanna Boylston

    John Adams, m Abigail Smith

        (President John Adams and Myra Miller are 3rd cousins - 7 times removed)

    John Quincy Adams, m Louisa Catherine Johnson

        (President John Quincy Adams and Myra Miller are 4th cousins - 6 times removed)


  2. Lineage to John Calvin Coolidge 30th President of the United States.

    Samuel Adams, m Rebecca Graves

    Susan Adams, m David Waldo

    Bethia Waldo, m Edmund Littlefield Jr.

    Esther Littlefield Jr., m Samuel Soper

    Ester Soper, m Silas Briggs

    Asa Briggs, m Elizabeth Paul

    Sally Briggs, m Israel Putnam Brown

    Sally Brown, m Israel C. Brewer

    Susan Almeda Brewer, m Calvin Galusha Coolidge

    John Calvin Coolidge, m Victoria Josephine Moor

    John Calvin Coolidge Jr., m Grace Anna Goodhue

         (President Coolidge and Myra Miller are 10th cousins)



Lt. Henry Adams Jr.
B: ____1609-10  D: 2/21/1675-76
Lt. Thomas Adams
B: 3/25/1612  D: 7/20/1688

Deacon Jonathan Adams

B: abt 1614  D: 7/28/1690

Capt. Samuel Adams
B: ____1616-17  D: 1/24/1688-89
Ursula Adams
B: 7/19/1619  D: 2/20/1678-79
Peter Adams
B: 3/1/1621-22  D: _________
John Adams
B: ____1622  D: ________
Jane Adams
B: ____1624  D: ________
Mary Adams
B: ____1625  D: ________
Joseph Adams Sr.
B: 2/9/1626  D: 12/6/1694
English Edward Adams
B: 4/19/1629  D: 11/12/1716