Family Tree: Carl & Caroline Beitz

Generation  - 4

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Carl's Parents

Caroline's Parents

Carl Friedrich Beitz




B: abt 1810   D: _________

B: ________ D: _______

B: _______   D: _______

B: _______  D: _______

Married: abt 1833

Married: ________


Carl Friedrich Wilhelm Beitz

Caroline Sophie Stuebbe

B: 9/16/1835 (Jagow, Pommern, Germany)

D:8/12/1909 (Berry, Dane Co. WI)

B: 10/25/1825(Neu Prillip, Pommern, Germany)

D: 8/17/1893 (Berry, Dane Co. WI)

Married 6/9/1855

(Pommern, Germany)



  • May 14, 1868 the family immigrated from Bremen Germany to New York, NY on The Bark "Freihandel"

  • Believe Wilhelmine and Ernestine had a different father


Wilhelmine Beitz

B: 8/__/1849  D: ________

Ernestine Beitz

B: 10/__/1854  D: _______

Carl Wilhelm Ludwig Beitz


B: 5/1/1860  D: 4/2/1912

Johanne Louise Auguste Beitz


B: 9/11/1862  D: 5/27/1920

Marie Louise Auguste Beitz


B:11/4/1866  D:____1950