Family Tree: Richard & Polly Platt

(9/15/07)  Generation  - 6

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Richard's Parents

Polly's Parents

John Platt

Mary Blydenburgh/Blyndenburg

John Bonner


B: 1/2/1734/35   D: 7/30/1810

B: 5/23/1733  D: 4/6/1777

B: _______   D: _______

B: _______  D: _______

Married: 6/23/1755

Married: ________


Richard Platt

Mary  Bonner


B: 10/7/1762 (Huntington, Long Island, NY)

D: 1830-1840(Steuben, Oneida Co. NY)

B: 3/1/1785(NY)

D: _abt 1871 (Steuben, Oneida Co. NY)

Married ________




  • First settler of Remsen and Steuben, NY

  • All of Richard and Polly's Children were born in Steuben, Oneida Co. NY

  • Polly's father John Bonner came to America as part of Burgoyne's Army under the command of British General John Burgoyne. On  October 17, 1777, they surrenders at Saratoga, to General Horatio Gates, the new commander of the northern army. The "Convention of Saratoga," negotiated by Gates, allows Burgoyne's army of 5,871 British regulars and German mercenaries to return to England and Europe on the promise that they will not fight in North America again. Congress finds various reasons for not allowing Burgoyne's army to leave, for fear that its return to England or the Continent will free an equal number of other troops to come to North America to fight. Burgoyne's army will be detained in various locations in Massachusetts and then settled on a tract of land in Virginia near Charlottesville. In September 1781, the "Convention Army" is removed to Maryland because of Cornwallis's invasion of Virginia. At the close of the War, Burgoyne's army has dwindled to a mere 1,500 due to escapes, desertions, but most significantly to the number of the troops deciding to stay and settle in America. Since Polly was born in New York, John was one of the men that somehow stayed in America.


Phoebe Platt
B: 8/13/1802  D: ________

Maranda Platt

B: 1/14/1804  D: 9/20/1861

Hulda Platt
B: 8/6/1805  D: _______
Samuel B. Platt
B: 5/4/1807  D: _______
Amanda Platt
B: 1/27/1809  D: _______
John Dean Platt
B: 11/2/1810  D: _______
Anna Platt
B: 7/28/1812  D: _______
Almira Platt
B: 10/30/1814 D: ______
Alzina Platt
B: 10/30/1814 D: ______

Richard Platt

B: 9/19/1816  D: _______

Joel W. Platt
B: 7/29/1818  D: _______
Ira J. Platt
B: 11/20/1820  D: _______

Ezra Platt

B:  10/20/1822  D: _______

Jeremiah Platt

B: 2/2/1825  D: _______
Mary (Polly) Platt
B: 10/9/1826 D: _______