Family Tree: Albert & Ella Hyer

(4-25-09)   Generation -2

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Albert's Parents

Ella's Parents

Walter S. Hyer

Louisa M. Beitz

Fredrick Henry Fraust

Agnes Masseuger

B: 12/28/1857    D: 2/9/1904

B: 1866   D: 1950

B: 2/3/1854   D: 2/5/1935

B: 9/1/1861   D: 2/14/1903

Married: __________

Married 6/18/1885

Albert Walter Hyer


Ella Emily Fraust

L-R: Bert, Duane, Eunice, Ella

B: 1/13/1889 (Springfield Twp, Dane Co. WI)

D: 3/28/1980 (Baraboo, WI)

B: 3/8/1888 (Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI)

D: 8/__/1969 (Baraboo, WI)

Married: 6/26/1912

(Sumpter Twp. Sauk Co. WI)




  • They had a farm located on Kings Corner Road, about 1/4 mile south of the Kings Corner School in Sumpter Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin.

  • In 1954 they moved to Baraboo, in a home on Jefferson St, that they built. Bert was an accomplished carpenter.

  • They developed property on the East side of Baraboo, known as the Hyer Additions. This property is between Tuttle and Washington Streets, and North of Ringling Blvd (8th St.) to the bottom of the hill.

  • They are buried in Walnut Hill Cemetery in Baraboo, Sauk County, Wisconsin

  • Their infant daughter is buried in Pioneer Cemetery, Sumpter Township, Sauk County, Wisconsin. My mother always referred to this as Pine Hollow Cemetery. It also went by the name of Kern's Corner Cemetery. It is inside the perimeter of the Badger Ordinance Plant, and is not open to the public.

1 M Duane A. Hyer
Birth: Apr 25, 1914
Death: Feb 28, 2000 Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI
Burial: Walnut Hill Cemetery Baraboo, WI
Spouse: Marion Good (1918-2008)
Marriage: Aug 15, 1946 Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI


 2 F Eunice Eliza Hyer
Birth: Feb 6, 1917
Death: Mar 7, 1984 Baraboo, Sauk Co. WI
Burial: Sect. N Walnut Hill Cemetery Baraboo, WI
Spouse: Ross Potter Miller (1919-1991)
Marriage: Apr 9, 1944 First Methodist Church, Baraboo WI


3 F Infant Hyer
Birth: Feb 10, 1923
Death: Feb 10, 1923
Burial: Pioneer Cemetery, Sumpter, Sauk County, WI