Family Tree: Gerrit & Aeltie Bicker

Generation -10

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Gerrit's Parents

Aeltie's Parents




B: _______  D: ______ B: _______  D: ______

B: _______  D: ______

B: _______  D: ______

Married: __________

Married: __________



Gerrit Bicker Aeltie Lubberts  
B:___________  D: abt 6/21/1658 B: _______  D: ______

Married: abt 1620

in Netherlands



  • Last name may be "Bickers"

  • February 1653, Gerrit was give a land grant of 25 morgens (53 acres) in Midwout, New Netherlands, by the Dutch Government. The land was of little value, since there were some many trees to be removed before it could be farmed. Midwout, New Netherlands is currently know as Brooklyn. New York.

  • Gerrit Bicker was in the service of the West India Company as Commissary at Fort Casimir, South River, Delaware, in charge of the fort when it was taken over by the Swedes under Rysingh. Not having any gunpowder in the fort, he was forced to turn it over without a shot being fired.

  • Fort Casimir was built by the Dutch in 1651, captured by the Swedes on May 23,1654, and recaptured by the Dutch on September 26.1655.

  • Maria was born in Brazil.

  • Aeltie is not listed on the Dutch Reformed Church of New York Baptismal Record for Victor, it is possible she died in child birth.


Maria Bicker
B: 11/26/1638  D: Young
Tryntje Bicker
B: ______1647   D: 2/1/1697
Victor Bicker
B: abt. 11/10/1652  D: ________