Family Tree: John & Ida Miller

(4-4-09)   Generation -2

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John's Parents

Nellie's Parents

Louis  L. Miller

Magdalena Geisler

John Ferguson

Abi Amanda Rowan

B: 3/30/1858    D: 3/16/1936 B: ?/?/1862  D: 6/??/1909

B: 5/13/1862   D: 5/5/1933

B: 2/23/1865   D: 11/21/1941

Married: 1/??/1879

Married 5/16/1886

Ida's Parents

Bertram Jerome Potter

Emma Jane Grant

B: 12/6/1865  D: 5/20/1901

B: 11/18/1867   D: 3/7/1946

Married 3/23/1887

Nell's Parents



B: ________   D: _________

B: _________   D: ________



John L. Miller

Nellie Ferguson  (Nellie)


John & Ida


B: 9/22/1889 (Hillsboro WI)

D: 11/12/1954 (Hillsboro WI)

B: 1/21/1890 (____________)

D: 1/21/1917 (Woodland Twp. Sauk Co. WI)

Married: 5/__/1907



Ida Eleanor Potter


B: 4/7/1890 (Summit Twp. Juneau Co. WI)

D: 4/27/1936 (Woodland Twp. Sauk Co. WI)

Married 2/12/1918



Nellie Holmeister  (Nel)


B: ________ (___________)

D: 3/17/1970 (Hillsboro WI)

Married 5/2/1937


Children: John & Nellie

  • Ida graduated from Wonewoc High School May 26, 1910.

  • Ida was a school teacher before she was married.

  • 1911 Ida taught at Sheep Pasture Bluff School, District No. 10, Town of Lemonweir, Juneau Co. WI.

  • 1912 Ida taught at Fox Point School Juneau Co, WI

  •  Ida also taught at Elroy School, Juneau Co. WI and County Corners School, Woodland Twsp, Sauk Co WI. There may have been other schools where she taught.

  • Ida was an accomplished pianist, and enjoyed music.

  • John had a farm that was located on Plum Valley Road in the northwest corner of Woodland Township, Sauk County Wisconsin. The Farm was known as "Lone Pine Stock and Dairy Farm". He was a breeder of Pure Bred Shorthorn and Durham cattle.

  • John did carpenter work and built several of the homes in Hillsboro, Wisconsin.

  • John, Nellie Ferguson, and Ida are buried in the Pine Eden Cemetery, Wonewoc, Wisconsin.


L-R: Evan, Isadore, John, Ida, Ross, Louis


1 M Isadore Miller
Birth: Nov 9, 1910 Sauk Co. WI
Death: Nov 6, 1984
Burial: Valton Cemetery, Valton, Sauk Co. WI
Spouse: Irmagard Annie Minnie (Irma) Schmidt (1910-1993)
Marriage: Apr 8, 1932 Minneapolis, MN

2 M Evan Miller
Birth: Sep 22, 1913
Death: Jun 24, 2001
Burial: Pine Eden Cemetery, Wonewoc, WI
Spouse: Irene Lutz (1913- )
Marriage: Jun 25, 1932 Wonewoc, WI
Children: John & Ida

1 M Ross Potter Miller
Birth: Nov 29, 1919
Death: Feb 10, 1991 Baraboo WI
Burial: Sect. N Walnut Hill Cemetery Baraboo, WI
Military: WW II EMI, U.S. Navy
Spouse: Eunice Eliza Hyer (1917-1984)
Marriage: Apr 9, 1944 First Methodist Church, Baraboo WI
Spouse: Marcella Marie (Teasdale) Hubb (1934- )
Marriage: May 12, 1985 Emanuel United Methodist Church, Baraboo WI

2 M Louis John Miller
Birth: Aug 14, 1924
Death: Nov 28, 2005 Westport WA
Spouse: Delores Reding ( - )
Marriage: Feb 1, 1944 St. Bridget's Church, San Francisco, CA