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Friday, July 30, 2021

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July 27, 1676 - Philip Eliot
John Eliot of Roxbury, Massachusetts aged about 73 years, testified “My brother Philip Eliot of Roxbury deceased in my hearing at a public meeting of the town for the settling of the school in Roxbury & making provision for the same did engage to give eight shillings per annum towards the said school forever and for the security thereof tendered the engagement of his house and lands in Roxbury as others did and would at the same time have subscribed his hand to the book as others of the town did but in word did it as fully and freely as was possible for him to do" (Philip is Howie’s 10g-grandfather)

July 27, 1867 - Friedrich Fraust
The sail ship The Bark Freihandle arrives in New York Harbor. Captain Karl Hargeshinmer had set sail form Bremen Germany with 375 passengers. Among the passengers Friedrich, his wife Dorothea, and 10 year old son, Friedrich. Their class of travel was listed as between decks. (Friedrich and Dorothea are Howie’s 2g-grandparents. young Friedrich is Howie’s g-grandfather )

August 1, 1842 - David R. Hyer
David R. Hyer wrote the following. “I commenced with a force of ten men to build a log house on Sec. 9, T. 7, R. 12 E. (now Deerfield, Wisconsin), for the purpose of keeping a tavern for the accommodation of travelers, who were daily increasing in numbers, and within three weeks completed a substantial building, with six rooms. One night, during our stay, we were much annoyed by wolves, who had caught a deer and devoured it within a few rods from our encampment, small remains of which were found scattered about in the morning. At another time, they made an attack on our cattle, that were feeding near by, and caused a great commotion among them; they bellowed and ran together, the same as they do when they smell the blood of any of their number slain. None were killed, but many of them showed the marks of the teeth and claws of the wolves.” (David R. Hyer, who is Howie’s 2g-grandfather.)

August 1, 1849 - David R. Hyer
David R. Hyer was the original purchaser of 40 acres of land in Dane County Wisconsin. This property is described as being the Southwest-Southeast portion of Section 6, 7-N, 12-E. (David is Howie’s 2g-grandfather)

August 1, 1849 - Benjamin Potter
Benjamin Potter was the original purchaser of 40 acres of land in Dane County Wisconsin. This property is described as being the Southeast-Northwest portion of Section 5, 7-N, 12-E. (Benjamin is Howie’s 3g-grandfather)

August 2, 1850 - David R. Hyer
David R. Hyer was the original purchaser of 41.65 acres of land in Dane County Wisconsin. This property is described as being the Northeast-Northwest portion of Section 6, 6-N, 12-E. (David is Howie’s 2g-grandfather)


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