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July 16, 1779 – Capt John Moody
Capt Nathaniel Wilson and Capt John Moody were appointed by the town of Gilmanton, New Hampshire to hire soldiers needed for the Continental Battalions. They would then lay a tax on the town to pay them. They reported back to the town on the 30th of July with the names of the men. They were hired and the town raised £1119-1s to pay them and others who had already served. (John is Myra’s 4g-gandfather)

July 18, 1996
An F-5 tornado struck Fond du Lac County WI. It cleared a path through the village of Oakfield totally destroying a home located at 215 Second Street. Howie and Myra owned this home from 1977 to 1984.

July 21, 1686 - Samuel Truesdell
Samuel Truesdell along with Capt. Noah Wiswall, a brother-in-law, were admitted freeman of Massachusetts Bay Colony. (Samuel is Howie’s 8g-grandfather)

July 21,1864 - James Camp
Battle of Bald Hill: Early in the morning, under the command of General Leggett, orders were received for the division to change the rebel forces, and hold Bald Hill. The Twelfth and Sixteenth Wisconsin formed the advance of the charging column. Rushing forward up the hill, crossing the cornfield, exposed to the most terrible fire from the rebel entrenchments but the charging column never wavered. Side by side the Twelfth and Sixteenth rushed up to the rebel works and over them with a cheer, engaging in a hand to hand fight. Lost one hundred and thirty-four, killed or wounded, and captured more small arms than it had men engaged. (Wounded in this battle was James Camp, Myra’s 2g-step grandfather.)

July 21, 1865 - Joseph K. Hyer
Joseph K. Hyer graduated from West Point, Military academy and received a commission into the 8th Regiment Infantry with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant. (Joseph is Howie’s first cousin 3 times removed)

July 22, 1924 – Ella (Fraust) Hyer
The following was reported in the local newspaper on this date, under the heading Sumpter Hustler News. “Mrs. Ella Hyer had her hand caught in a pulley while setting the fork in the hay barn last week, one finger on her right hand being taken off.” (Ella is Howie’s grandmother)


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