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Jim & Myra

Christmas 2009


Ben, Evie, Leanna & Raymie

Ady, Sherman & Tim

Paul & Laura

Raymie with his bug box

Ady & Sherman

Laura with baby shoes

Jim, Evie & Myra

Tim with his Pez display rack


Easter - Anniversary Party, April 12, 2009

Leanna, Myra, Evie, Raymie, Ben

Anniversary Cake

Raymie with his future butterflies

Evie and her new tea pot

Raymie, Tim, Ady, Paul

Myra, Leanna, Ben, Raymie Tim



Christmas 2008




Raymie & Ben


Mark & Lynette




Myra & Evie


Christmas 2007



Thanksgiving  2007



Tim & Ady

Raymie & Janis

Ed, Paul & Ben

Leanna & Ben

Myra & Leanna

Mother's Day 2007

Christmas 2006

L-R: Laura, Paul, Raymie, Ben, Leanna, Howie, Myra, Tim, Ady, Lynette, Mark

Everything looks ready when do we eat?



We're eating now

Paul & Laura

Tim & Ady

Ben & Leanna

Our big boys

Howie & Myra

Our little boy

L-R: Laura, Ben, Leanna

Raymie, the boxes are as much fun as the toys

L-R: Ben, Raymie, Myra, Katie (Ady's Sister)

Christmas 2005



L-R: Paul, Laura

Thanksgiving 2005

Around the table left to right: Ady (Tim's fiance), Tim, Ben, Raymie in his highchair, Leanna, Paul, Laura

Myra's cutting up the pies Tim baked for the feast: Apple, cherry, blueberry and pumpkin... YUM

Around the table left to right: Myra, Cyndi Roedl, Josh Roedl, Howie, Dan Scott, Bill Roedl

Laura and Leanna looking over pictures and video of Raymie

God Bless America

Land That I Love

Welcome to our red, white and blue picnic!

L-R: Dan Scott, Terry and

Colleen Klein, Ed Zoglman

Independence Day 2005

L-R: Myra, Michelle Verboomen, Marty Verboomen

Leah Verboomen

Ah, a lazy summer day.

L-R: Our son Ben and daughter-in-law Leanna,

Ady Bayer, Raymie in the middle waving his little flag

Our homemade root beer was a party favorite.

L-R: Marty, Michelle, Leah, Myra, Colleen

L-R round the circle: Leah, Marty, Janis Zoglman,

our son Paul, Michelle, Ady, Colleen

L-R: Bill Roedl, Terry Klein, Dan Scott, Cindy Roedl

Ben and Ady, in the back Bill and Dan

L-R: Ed Zoglman, Myra, Josh Roedl, Cindy Roedl

L-R: Myra, our daughter-in-law Laura, our son Ben,

our son Paul, Bob Sparks, Austin Sparks, Ady Bayer

Our grandson Raymie and his "other" grandma

(Janis Zoglman) share a quiet cuddle.

At the fireworks, Aunt Laura and Raymie

share a popsicle while Ady enjoys her drumstick.

Raymie wanted the lion's share of the popsicle.

While waiting for the fireworks to start, Ben

 impressively juggles lighted balls in the dark.

Mother's Day 2005

I smile because you are my mother,

I laugh because there is nothing you can do about it.

Love Raymie
Christmas 2004
Thanksgiving - Nov. 25, 2004
Mother's Day 2004
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