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Ladies of the Sauk Prairie Farmer's Club

Performing: "A Mock Wedding"

Sumpter Methodist Church, February 11, 1921

Cast list from: "Also in Sumpter" by Erhart A. Mueller

Pianist: Mrs. Arno Miller

Bride: Mrs. Harold Hill

Maid of honor: Mrs. Ervin Young

Groom: Mrs. Ralph Kindschi

Best man: Mrs. Alex Jones

Father of the bride: Mrs. Alex Steuber

Trainbearer: Mrs. Glen Kindschi

Flower girls: Mrs. Will Jennevien & Mrs. Otto Peetz

Ceremony conducted by: Mrs. Edwin Keitel


Front row: 3rd from left - Eunice Hyer (Mrs. Ross Miller)

Back row: 2nd from left - Ross Miller

Back row: far right - Duane Hyer

Sumpter Methodist Church

(before 1942)


Stones Pocket School: Feb 19, 1912

1st row L-R: Glen Leppla, Arthur Mueller, Henry Accola, Walter Mueller, Lorine Nelson, Lila Premo, Stanley Premo

2nd row L-R: Elgin Stone, Melvin Nelson, George Premo, Lewis Leppla, Bernice Leppla, Zola Stone

3rd row L-R: Edwin Mueller, Edison Fraust, Lewis Fraust, Russell McGilvra, Freda Accola, Olga Fenske

4th row L-R: Miss Margaret Sansum, Earl McGilvra, Edwin Nelson, Lydia Fenske

1st row L-R: Myrtie (Haynes) Zantow, State Senator Fred Zantow,

Mabel (Haynes) Watkins, Elias King
2nd row L-R: Ella May (Brooks - Haynes) King, Marie Cecilia (Ruessler) Zantow

(about 1903)

(additional photos of this family on family tree page)


Sumpter Hustlers

First row R-L: Phyllis Luck, Florence (Jones) Hill, Margaret (Hill) Colby, Hazel (Weinke) Stone

Second Row: 3rd from left-Alvina Peetz

Third row: 3rd from left-Ella (Fraust) Hyer, 5th from left-Dora (Hill) Premo,

Third row R-L: Violet Yanke, Grace Hooverman


Standing L-R: Alvina Peetz, Ella (Fraust) Hyer, unknown, Dora (Hill) Premo


Prairie du Sac

Prairie du Sac High School

between: 1907 - 1914 (postcard stock with divided back and no boarder around picture)



Prairie du Sac High School, class of 1934

Standing far right: Eunice Hyer (Mrs. Ross Miller)



Possible: Prairie du Sac High School Play (about 1934)

Standing far left: Eunice Hyer (Mrs. Ross Miller)